Deep Work Labs


Deep Work Labs bring groups together to learn about themselves and about how human processes work in small groups, through the interactions they have with each other. The group is facilitated by a trained coach and uses feedback, problem solving, and role-plays to gain insights into themselves, others, and groups. The individuals themselves; and the group’s activities, inter-actions, and intra-actions, are the subject of learning in the Deep Work Lab.

Under the guidance of a facilitator, participants share emotional reactions that arise in response to other’s actions and statements. These data points collected in the Lab, help participants learn how their words and actions trigger emotional responses in the people they communicate with.

This learning about themselves through this participative discovery provokes internal change, that ultimately leads to back-home application of the learning.


The Lab creates a space for authentic interactions and open discussion, especially on topics that might be difficult for participants. The experience increases self-awareness, and understanding about group processes like influencing, group development, how teams come together, how one’s behaviour makes others dependent, and how to let go of authority but not responsibility. It positively impacts the level of trust in the group/ organization and the organization culture. 


A few ways the Lab format can be utilized are:

  • Deepening leaders’ awareness about their leadership style
  • Conducting organizational / team visioning exercises
  • Building new teams with the potential of high-performance 
  • Helping teams move ahead and out of blocks
  • Helping the transition from campus to corporate 
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