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Nitin Prakash

Deputy General Manager

We absolutely loved the “Manager to Coach” program at Meeraq! It was very nicely curated based on our organisation’s needs and the goals of our leaders. It was packed with really useful and actionable tasks that can be implemented in various situations.


Master Trainer, OD | L&D

It is seldom understood that the skills needed to be a good leader are learnt and are not inborn. Meeraq does a fantastic job of really helping emerging and established leaders understand the nuances to go from just a leader to an effective one, through their programs.


  • Learning and Development (L&D)
  • Leadership Development
  • Future of Workforce
  • Coaching
  • Career
  • Employee Engagement
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Why Making Learning Stick Matters (And how to do it)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a developmental process in which the coachee(s) gets help from a coach to achieve a goal. The coaching format is designed based on the needs of the coachee. Through a partnership with the coach, the coachee improves their awareness about a topic and develops their own thinking and a plan of action to reach their self-determined goal.

Coaching progress is measured on Meeraq’s proprietary Personal Scorecard. The coachee self-reports their progress on agreed upon goals for the coaching. This scorecard gives a measurable indication of the impact created by the coaching.

Meeraq courses are offered both virtually and in-person. Virtual courses are conducted over 4 weeks; with 1 bite-sized session of 2 hours per week. In-person programs are delivered as per requirement. These may be bundled with learning impact multipliers like 1:1 coaching sessions and refresher webinars.

Adult learners often face ‘blocks’ that stop them from integrating learning. These could be their beliefs, values, thought patterns, or a practical challenge in applying the learning. Coaching helps in discovering fresh perspectives and enhances decision-making that together help learners implement what they learn in the program.

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