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Mentoring is an essential leadership skill in today’s corporate world but it is more than just a benevolent form of sharing what you know. Mentors help mould their mentees’ growth and development. It is a collaborative relationship that most often occurs between a junior and a senior employee. Perseverance as a mentor plays an active role in the development and management of emerging leaders. Having performance conversations forms an important aspect of this relationship. But many a time, the Mentor-Mentee relationship develops a disconnect from the goal due to a lack of continuous performance conversations.

Mentors often state the following surface level reasons when this happens:​

  • I don’t want to demotivate them as they are under pressure already
  • I am not good at handling the mentee’s reaction
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t want to damage our relationship
  • I am not sure ‘how to’

But our experience working with mentor leaders has shown there to often be deeper realities to this narrative.

Mentors face the challenges of:

  • A lack of awareness about self and others 
  • A lack of acceptance of and comfort with self
  • Not being confident of who they are
  • Internal disconnect with the organizational purpose
  • A lack of trust
  • Nursing insecurities regarding nurturing talent

​ What​

Effective Mentoring Certification Program is a structured program to help Managers hone the skills necessary for mentoring. Through addressing the deeper realities behind avoiding performance conversations, it enables Managers to practice key mentoring competencies, develop their unique mentoring style, discover the essentials of mentoring and mentoring approaches, alongside challenges and pitfalls to avoid.


Managers who are new to people development roles or existing managers who want to refine their mentoring skills will benefit from this program.

New managers, Employees to be promoted to people management roles, Managers who find it difficult to have performance conversations, all stand to benefit from this program.


The Effective Mentoring Certification Program is a combination of skill building, behavioral interventions and individual coaching. It includes Face-to-Face sessions, Workshops, Assignments, and Supervision session. Modules covered in the Effective Mentoring Program include:

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