Coaching on Demand

Coaching on Demand (COD):

Coaching on Demand (COD) is your solution for immediate, personalized coaching support precisely when you need it. Imagine having a coach at your fingertips, ready to provide guidance and insights to tackle your pressing challenges, make crucial decisions, or navigate unexpected obstacles – all conveniently accessible through LXP our cutting-edge proprietary digital platform.

Why COD?

COD offers a dual advantage, benefiting both Leaders and organizations. It Democratizes coaching in an organization & cultivates a culture of continuous learning and development.

Benefits for Leaders

  • Immediate Guidance: Get swift support for urgent challenges or pressing issues.
  • On-the-Go Access: Access coaching sessions conveniently, wherever you are.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Seamlessly integrate coaching into your busy schedule.
  • Time-Sensitive Situations: Ideal for urgent decision-making scenarios.

Benefits for Organization

  • Enhanced Employee Performance: Personalized coaching, improves employees skills and competencies.
  • Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for full-time coaching.
  • Scalable development: Enables consistent coaching for many employees simultaneously.
  • Next-Level leadership: Ongoing support builds a strong leadership pipeline.


Meeraq’s COD Framework offers Structured COD with a pre-agreed 3-4 session journey with flexibility to choose coaches and On-the-Go COD which offers one-time session with available coaches (No Coach Selection) for immediate problem-solving. Both formats include session scheduling, feedback collection, and comprehensive reporting for accessible, efficient, and tailored coaching.

Our Platform

Designed for scale. Designed by L&D Experts.

Coaching as a Service Platform

Meeraq’s innovative Coaching Management Platform helps you track engagement and monitor progress of coaching intervention and supports the coachee manage and journal their progress.

Meeraq’s LXP

Our platform for learning interventions is designed to give learners a seamless and delightful experience

Meeraq’s LXP

Our platform for learning interventions is designed to give learners a seamless and delightful experience

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