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We offer Leadership Development Programs (LDPs) to cater to both general and specific development needs of employees from the Senior Management bracket. Our LDPs are based on Meeraq’s ‘Radiating Change’ Framework which derives from the Yogic philosophical theory of Pariṇāmvāda –

…that all change is a transformation of something that was already hidden and unseen deep inside… 

Meeraq’s Radiating Change framework hinges on the central hypothesis: change radiates from the individual outwards.

Designed by Coaches, L&D experts, and Consultants, our LDPs take leaders on a journey that begins from the self and continues outwards towards their respective leadership and organization goals.


Meeraq Leadership Development Programs range from the short (3 months) to the long (upto 24 months) term and include a combination of elements including:

All Meeraq Leadership Development Programsbegin with an extensive contextualization exercise that includes in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and FGDs and Dip-stick studies with the leader cohort. This exercise helps us design an Leadership Development Program that responds to the client’s unique needs aligned to its business goals.

Assessments help leaders gain awareness about their strengths and areas of development. Meeraq conducts a variety of standard and custom assessments, followed by 1:1 debriefs to each leader. Assessments play an important role in improving self-awareness and inspire an intrinsic desire to work on development. 

Deploying Meeraq’s facilitation expertise, our Leadership Development Programs contain a variety of workshops including reflective workshops for planning, and behavioral and functional skills workshops to help leaders gain skills that matter.

Masterclasses are short interactive sessions that focus on leadership skills and mindsets to help leaders learn and gain perspective from industry leaders. The masterclass format includes experience sharing by marquee leaders and act as a source of inspiration and motivation. 

These are structured initiatives that create learning through cross-functional, real-world business projects that respond to a business challenge or opportunity. We co-create Action Learning Projects aligned to leaders’ Individual Development Plans and orient leaders & mentors to the what, why, how of Action Learning Projects.

Process labs are an intensive experience-based workshop format that uses the group to help gain a deep understanding of the self. Process labs can be the transformational milestone in a leader’s journey towards their potential. 

ringing Meeraq’s industry leadership in coaching to the foray, our Leadership Development Programs contain 1:1 coaching journeys to support leaders on their development path. Our pool of global coaches ensures we find the perfect coach for each leader to help them on the journey.

Given that Leadership Development Programsare conducted in cohorts of leaders, group coaching forms a fantastic opportunity for leaders to connect and add value to the developmental journeys of each other. We facilitate group coaching sessions to help each leader tap into the experience of the cohort and find a powerful way to unblock the path forward. 

Systemic team coaching looks at teams as they situate in the larger system. It helps leaders see their teams in connection to other teams, the organization as a whole, the business environment, and the extended context of the individuals in team.

Every leader needs a mentor, and we ensure that each one gets one to support them on their development journey. Meeraq not only matches leaders and mentors, but administers the engagement, and prepares mentors and mentees with the skills and mindsets needed to fully benefit from the relationship. 

These informal settings present a space for leaders to interact with industry leaders, learn from them, and share their own stories.

Seeing and experiencing leaves a powerful impression. Meeraq organizes peer learning opportunities between and across industries for leaders to experience new ways of working and leading. Industry Peer Learning give exposure to new paradigms and best practices and make for a platform for cross-pollination to happen.

Tapping into the expertise of some of the best universities in the world, including INSEAD, IIMs, IITs, and Harvard, Meeraq ties-up with universities ​for conducting the entire Leadership Development Programs in partnership or for specific educational needs as and when required.

LDP Programs

Meeraq’s Leadership Development Programs solve for strategic leadership development and next level growth for the organization. We design customized Leadership Development Programs catering to the specific need of the client. Here is a snapshot of the custom Leadership Development Programs that we have developed in the past.

Towards creating a truly inclusive workplace, this LDP supports women leaders as they grow in the organization. Our proprietary Discover. Transform. Become. program creates a space for leaders to deepen their understanding of themselves and others; create a vision for themselves; and work on implementing that vision, moving towards their potential as a leader.

This program gears high potential leaders and prepares them to become future CEOs. The program takes the leaders on a journey from inwards to outwards, beginning with Discovering themselves, Anticipating the change and discovering ambition, and Preparing for the CEO life.

This program helps leaders improve their ability to develop people, work on building leadership traits, and adapt to the company’s culture. The program focuses on achieving these developmental needs via coaching and mentoring. The program is designed to help leaders work on the inside and align that with the realities of the outside. 

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