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We have a history of coaching leadership in the Indian Subcontinent.

We have coached thousands of leaders across Corporates, Conglomerates, MNCs, Start ups, and Non-profits. Our coaching clientele include Founders, CEOs, CXOs, Top Management, Senior and Middle Management, Women Leaders, and High-potential employees. 

In addition to being a leading coaching services provider in the country, Coach-To-Transformation, our coach training arm has trained 2000+ coaches across the globe, with many of them successfully gaining their credential from the International Coaching Federation. 

Single Window connect

Single Window connect

All client needs are handled under a single window and routed through a structure and process. Once the requirements are provided, our system sets up the solution.

Program Management

Program Management

Having managed large coaching engagements, we already have necessary structures and process set up to ensure smooth end-to-end management of the coaching engagement.



We have built proprietary technology to support large-scale coaching engagements. The platform manages & allows for customization at the level of individual coaching engagement.

Domain expertise

Coaching is a specialized domain which requires experience, expertise, and continuous upgradation. As an industry leader, we anticipate and provide direction to clients to help them best achieve their goals.

Quality of Coaches

Quality of Coaches

We have vetted our coaches through an onboarding process and over multiple engagements. This creates an assurance of the quality of our coaches.

Our in-house infrastructure and know-how offers clients a hassle-free experience of deploying coaching within their organization . 

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Coaching Services

Leadership coaching helps a leader build and enhance leadership ability such as people leadership skills, talent management, systemic thinking, better decision making, creative problem solving, and much more. This journey prepares leaders to rise to the next level in the organization while ensuring they function at peak potential. Leadership coaching sharpens leaders’ skills that accelerates growth and builds stronger leadership for tomorrow to give the organization an edge over competition.

Executives, whilst possessing the technical expertise for their role, face various challenges like time management, conflict management, communication issues, networking, executive presence, people management and so on. Irrespective of where the person is in their professional life, executive coaching helps individuals on aspects that s/he wants to be coached on and enables them to become a better professional.

Performance coaching helps individuals and teams by challenging limiting beliefs in a supportive manner and results in individuals performing at their maximum potential while optimising on their team’s performance. It helps create a culture for feedback and feedforward to enable and empower high performance and amplify impact on growth.

Career coaching helps individuals see their career path clearly and plan actionables to reach their career goal. This process involves proactively managing one’s professional life to maximise potential and reach the desired goal. It helps employees perform at their peak and look for maximised productivity and job satisfaction.

Organizations experience transition phases, it could be organizational restructuring, upskilling of talent, internal job postings, or job transfers. Transition of any sort can be overwhelming for employees and providing them support in these times in the form of a Career Transition Coach can offer assistance. Some of the aspects covered in Transition coaching are overcoming stress, looking at opportunities, overcoming procrastination, creating a vision-mission and value for self, developing emotional quotient and managing the transition with a plan of action.

It is intended specifically for employees resuming work after maternity leave. Maternity Coaching can help employees discover the purpose in change, understand their journey, understand self and how to function during change. It helps employees look at all the options and beyond, deliberate and decide. Maternity Coaching helps individuals plan and action out their settling in the role once they resume work from the break.


Based on client needs, profiles of credentialed & experienced coaches are curated & approved. Through a chemistry session, Coachee chooses their coach from this list of coaches.

Tripartite meeting is set up between the Coach, Coachee and Manager to agree upon goals for the program. Includes information from Assessment reports and/or 360 Degree Feedbacks.

Coaching sessions are scheduled and tracked via CaaS, Meeraq’s propriety Coaching Management Technology. These sessions can be conducted both face-to-face or virtually.

Mid and End reviews are conducted between Coach, Coachee, and Manager. Internal reviews anchored by Meeraq’s PMO are conducted to create a view for client’s governance team.

Impact is measured through self-reporting on the goals outlined in the Personal Scorecard. Engagement closes with assisting the coachee create a plan towards sustaining the transformation journey.

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