Engaging sales leaders by helping them build Emotional Intelligence to cope with stress


The client is one of the top 5 pharmaceutical companies in India. They develop, manufacture, and market a diverse rage of pharmaceutical formulations across various acute and chronic therapeutic areas, as well as several consumer healthcare products.


The pharma industry as a whole grapples with steep attrition rates of between 20-30% in their Sales and Marketing fueled by poaching for top talent, high stress at the workplace, and employee burnout. When a sales manager leaves, it takes up to 6 months to get back to earlier area revenues.

Our client wanted it’s leaders in the sales function to enhance their competency in the area of Emotional Intelligence. This was to reduce stress and increase feelings of joy & happiness in day-to-day worklife.


Program designing 
We designed and executed a program titled ‘Emotional Intelligence for 10x leader’. The program catered to sales leaders who work under pressure​. The program design included:

  • Bite-sized learning sessions, 
  • 1:1 laser coaching 
  • Pre and Post questionnaires 
  • Community engagement

Program Delivery
Meeraq’s signature 4+2 model of virtual delivery. 
All delivered seamlessly on our platform.​​

This model of delivery helped participants integrate the learning through practice and feel ready to apply it to their work context.

Quick Stats:
90​ Sales leaders
3​ Batches
16 Learning Sessions
180​ 1-1 coaching sessions


Pre and Post knowledge assessments were administered to the learner cohort. 

Positive movement of between 1 to 5 points made in each of the identified 5 categories on a scale of 20. These categories were:

  1. Self Awareness​
  2. Emotional Management​
  3. Self Motivation​
  4. Relationship Management​
  5. Emotional Coaching​

With an overall NPS of 74, the program received a resounding thumbs up from the participants. 

Client Speak: “It is seldom understood that the skills needed to be a good leader are learnt and not inborn. Meeraq does a fantastic job of really helping emerging and established leaders understand the nuances that takes to go from just a leader to an effect one through their programs.”

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