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Certified internal coaches act as excellent ambassadors and anchors for the organization that seeks to establish coaching as a culture. For the individual – coaching is a transformative experience that helps people explore and achieve their potential. Being a certified coach, gives one the opportunity to create positive change and achieve extraordinary results for others and the self. For the organization – Internal coaches are a cost-effective way to make coaching accessible across the organization and to infuse coaching culture through the rungs. 

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Internal Coach Training is a 60-hour International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach training program. As the gold standard in the coaching domain, ICF is the world’s largest and most recognized organization of professionally trained coaches. Completion of the program results in a certification that unlocks the pathway to becoming an ICF credentialed coach.


Internal Coach Training program is great for N-1 employees and HR professionals who can create maximum impact within the organization in bringing coaching to the most number of people. It is also useful for those who have completed an introductory program to coaching, have discovered natural strengths and talents for coaching, and find inspiration to take their coaching journey to the next level. 


Internal Coach Training Program is conducted in partnership with our coach training arm Coach-To-Transformation. This is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved program and unlocks the pathway to getting an ICF credential (ACC/PCC/MCC). The program has the following components:

Our coach training classroom has been called ‘transformative’ by many. The classroom is a safe-space where the coach facilitates the learning of the cohort through an internal process of reflection. The coach creates an appreciation of ICF coaching competencies, thereby jump starting the learner in their journey of ‘being’ a coach. 

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