Unlocking the Future of Performance Conversations at Scale


The client is a member company of a world-renowned group of companies. It is India’s leading enabler of connectivity and communication solutions for businesses.


The client was moving away from a traditional style of having performance conversations​. It wanted managers to learn how to have ‘enabling’, ‘nurturing’, and ‘exploratory’ (coaching like) conversations to make the PA more effective.


Program designing 
We co-created the program with the client to help managers (N-1 layer downwards) learn how to have coaching-like conversations in the context of performance conversations.

This included:

  • Orientation Webinars
  • Bite-sized learning sessions, 
  • 1:1 laser coaching 
  • Pre and Post questionnaires 
  • Community engagement

Program Delivery
The program was delivered in Meeraq’s signature 4+2 model of virtual delivery. 
All delivered at scale and seamlessly on our platform.​

This model of delivery helped participants integrate the learning through practice and feel ready to apply it to their work context.

Quick Stats:
330 ​leaders 
10​ Batches
40​ Learning Sessions
660 1-1 Coaching sessions


To capture learner engagement, post every session, engagement feedback forms were shared where participants were asked to rate 3 engagement parameters on a scale of 1 to 5.

Average rating received for ‘New knowledge gained’: 4.8/5
Average rating received for ‘Interactivity in the session’: 4.8/5
Average rating received for ‘Query resolution’: 4.9/5

97% learners said Yes, they would be able to implement what they learnt in session in their day to day work life

Overall program impact: 
Positive movement of 0.4 points made in identified 4 categories on a scale of 5​
(The categories were:​

  1. Foundation of Coaching​
  2. Listening with empathy​
  3. Asking questions with curiosity​
  4. Action planning and support)​

With an overall NPS of 80, the program received a resounding thumbs up from the participants

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