Coaching Culture

The power of coaching as a culture

Coaching has an impact on Individual, Team, and Organizational performance. Equipping leaders at all levels with coaching skills is critical to building a culture of feedforward conversations for continuous learning and growth. What works for an individual may not work for another, hence creating a culture where each employee is treated as an individual, and is heard and respected, leads to team and organisational success.

Erstwhile organizations operated primarily on a tell method or follow-the-leader method. Employees were told by their leaders what to do and how to do it. In today’s time the ‘tell’ method of functioning could be ineffective. What in-turn needs to be adopted is the ‘ask’ method of adult learning.

A coaching culture is about nurturing and developing talent to unfurl their potential. A culture that offers a safe space for communication, and builds trust, enhances creativity, nurtures interpersonal skills, and facilitates continuous learning, all of which result in an engaged and energized workforce.

Organizations with an active coaching culture have more engaged and empowered employees. These employees feel a connect with the organization and tend to have a longer work tenure.

Creating a coaching culture builds learning agility in an organization and creates resilience in the workforce to face challenges.

The power of coaching as a culture

How we help create a coaching culture

Successful coaching cultures are born out of strong leadership team buy-in. Our three-step approach to help orgnizations build a coaching culture begins with working with the leadership team. We help then become aware of the existing everyday culture of the organization that is seen and observed. This is done through Pre-Implementation surveys across all levels. To find alignment between the ‘versions of culture’ that each individual leader in the leadership team might implicitly harbour, and create a cohesive vision for what the organization’s culture ought to be, we help leaders bring awareness to their individual visions for the organization through one-on-one conversations with external coaches. 

Once an awareness of the extant culture of the organization, and the personal vision of the leader gets created, the leadership team understands the alignments required to be created for achieving the business objectives and growth. 

Through coaching and coach training, leaders, managers, and employees begin benefiting from coaching across organization. We help organizations implement a coaching culture via the following three modalities: 

Through their coaching expertise, they help leaders experience the benefits of coaching, helping them on their developmental journey while also becoming ambassaors of coaching in the organization. Meeraq has a history of coaching leadership in India as the largest coaching company in the country. We have coached thousands of leaders across Corporates, Conglomerates, MNCs, Start-ups, and Non-profits.

Certified internal coaches become the anchors for the organization’s enterprise to establish coaching as a culture. We offer Internal Coach Training Certification program for building internal coaches. Our experience of having trained 2000+ coaches across the globe, with many of them successfully gaining their credential from the International Coaching Federation, makes our coach trainings among the best in the world.

Meeraq’s Leader as Coach offerings are designed to seed coaching skills and mindsets across the organization. We offer two different programs under this category:

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